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For years, folks have told me I should write a book about my life but even now as a recovering perfectionist the task still seems insurmountably daunting. A Blog, on the other hand, seems like the perfect noncommittal gesture to share the intentional, the interesting, and even the informational with those who find my musings and perspective the least bit fascinating.

This is my interpretation of a lifestyle blog where we can build community, create meaning, and foster a shared understanding of the complexities of modern living.


What is a Lifestyle Blog anyway? The internet says “a digital content representation of its author’s everyday life inspired by her personal interests & activities” and while I agree, my goal is for this site to serve my professional interests as well, which is why I’m featuring my Portfolio, highlighting my freelance career. As a communication scholar, I fancy everything we do to communicate something about who we are, and I’ve never been one to compartmentalize my home life from my work life.  Since I now work while on the road and mostly from home, there’s no room. Literally. My bedroom/home office is 8×8.

Aside from the usual suspects (Art, Culture, Entertainment, Fashion, Food, Travel, Wellness), I’m hoping to use the socio-critical lens I’ve developed over the years to discuss the intersectionalities and dive into the very identity politics which govern so many of our interactions and negotiate so much of our human existence. While I’m happy to share my thrift tips (Shop coming soon!) and gush about last week’s episode of Insecure, I’d love for us to explore the semiotics of our world together, embarking on an epistemological journey that challenges each of us to evaluate how we impact each other, the environment, and the universe.




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Building Community | Creating Meaning


I have so much to say. Now, more than ever. Yet I crave silence. I find myself lately in a harmonious flow but know stillness will serve me far more greatly than conscious movement can. These paradoxes swirl around inside of me and amidst the internal chaos, I am [still] learning to listen. The greatest … Continue reading noncompliant

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