Reflecting on Frida

On #WorldMentalHealthDay, I reflected on Frida Kahlo, one who endured mental illness both publicly and privately with a gift for channeling her depression into artwork that has stood the test of time. Mental illness looks like many things, it may look like nothing at all. But an unwillingness to acknowledge and address potential signs and symptoms … Continue reading Reflecting on Frida

We’ll Get There Fast & Then We’ll Take It Slow

This is a little late but no less.. This winter I was blessed with an absolutely incredible opportunity to deepen my connection to something that has been very important to me over the last five years. Though I thought it were a long shot, I applied for a scholarship to attend an amazing 200-Hr Yoga … Continue reading We’ll Get There Fast & Then We’ll Take It Slow

To Touch or Not to Touch

Last night, I attended a City Council Candidate Forum on Homelessness. Since moving to San Diego, nothing’s disgusted me more than San Diegans’ lasseiz faire attitude toward the ever-present and increasing population of homeless persons in our region. I’ve encountered a lot of shrugging, a lot of folks saying “it’s a shame,” and most infuriating, … Continue reading To Touch or Not to Touch

Transgenerational Healing

As a woman of color, I am keenly aware of how the intersection of my identities impacts and shapes my life and my role as a community organizer. And as a leader in my community, I understand that self-care is group care. I started working in agriculture for a myriad of mostly unforeseen reasons and … Continue reading Transgenerational Healing

Mosaic of Man: Dumping the Melting Pot

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: the “Melting Pot” metaphor is (ironically?) flat and slightly gross. A mosaic, rather, allows for all our peaces to come together and create something beautiful while encouraging us to stand autonomously, with dignity and most importantly, validated by the virtue of those who have chosen to … Continue reading Mosaic of Man: Dumping the Melting Pot