We call it a Practice because it is continuous, compassionate and curious.


The eight limbs of yoga inform all aspects of life, not just our physical strength and flexibility. From the ways we move to the ways we communicate and contemplate, there is much to learn about ourselves and the world around us through the yogic principles. When we elevate our level functioning, we deepen our connection to oneness. Yoga is for everyone… And 8 is a tiny infinity.

Mission: To awaken, uplift and heal
Vision: Empowered individuals embodying equity, inclusion, liberation and justice
Dharma Statement: I will live by love and lead with curiosity and compassion to disrupt what I must and heal what I can.


My journey into the world of yoga began with meditation in high school as a means of coping with diagnosed anxiety and obsessiveness. Athletic injuries pushed me away from a career in sports and into impassioned academic pursuit. Yoga was the perfect marriage of engaging mind, body & spirit. When disordered eating crept its way into my life, my practice was there. While living and working abroad in atmospheres of uncertainty, my practice was there. 

I hope to empower others to find something they can return to no matter where in life they are. I aspire to cultivate an environment that is accessible and trauma-informed.