Life Mission Statement:

Diversity is reality. We are all connected through the increasing globalization of communications, trade, and labor practices. Changes in one part of the world affect people everywhere. Considering our increasingly interconnected problems, working together is the best strategy for accomplishing our goals. Because social and economic change barge swiftly across international & cultural borders, organizations are understanding the need to strive towards intercultural proficiency. We’re realizing that if we don’t improve our skills we’re welcoming gridlock. It is my mission to foster action along the continuum of cultural competence through five core ideas: (1) valuing diversity, (2) conducting cultural self-assessments, (3) understanding the dynamics of difference, (4) institutionalizing cultural knowledge, and (5) adapting to diversity. Embarking on this journey requires the kind of compassion and curiosity that can only be cultivated through challenging, colorful experiences and a desire for social change.

Though my mission is centered mainly around diversity and inclusion, I find these pillars to uphold the many facets of my multidimensional career path, adding an invaluable dynamic across the various workplace contexts in which I apply my skills and experience.

  • A detailed Description of the activities and assignments I oversaw while serving in the Peace Corps
  • An article I wrote for a Library Journal that dives into the Learning Landscape of Jamaica

In short, I dabble. I have a vast array of interests and passions, and freelancing has allowed me to foster each in a meaningful way, true to the carefully cultivated set of values I endorse throughout each aspect of my life. Additionally, view my LinkedIn, writers.work, and modeling portfolio.