We’ll Get There Fast & Then We’ll Take It Slow

This is a little late but no less..

This winter I was blessed with an absolutely incredible opportunity to deepen my connection to something that has been very important to me over the last five years. Though I thought it were a long shot, I applied for a scholarship to attend an amazing 200-Hr Yoga Teacher Training Retreat in Aruba. The universe came through, and I landed in this magical little community where I was reminded several times that I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.

After just a couple days, I was already in love. So here are 5 Awesome Facts about Aruba:

1. They call themselves “One Happy Island” with citizens who come from more than 100 different countries & cultures. The social identity divides that seem to affect other Mosaic (my substitution for ‘Melting Pot’) societies don’t exist here.

2. Arubans have two official languages, Dutch & Papiamento but are also taught English & Spanish from elementary school onward, so they have FOUR languages. What a treat!

3. It is teeny tiny and only about 5mi at its widest and 19mi in length with a population of around 100,000.

4. The water here is not only crystal clear & beautiful blue, but the drinking water is also delicious & nutritious, filtering through a double reverse osmosis process before exiting any basic tap or faucet!

5. I now want to live here.

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