TGIF: Thank God It’s Frida(y)

I came across this beauty while walking to the ‘Introduction to Cannabis’ class my counterpart & I co-facilitate at the City College. Our course is for those continuing education and as soon as we get past the stigmas & taboos by discussing the complexity of the plant & its ~infinite~ uses, students usually open up about their aspirations regarding the magical herb. We see a lot of entrepreneurial-minded folks, looking to break into the business and even more green thumbs looking to expand their culinary gardens and micro-farms.


Last night, a thin and rather gangly looking man hesitantly raised his hand from the back of the class. He told us he had glioblastoma, which is a particularly aggressive form of cancer that makes up about 15% of all brain tumors. He said he was at a loss for what to do; he’d been in treatment for a short while, and it didn’t take him long to recognize they were full of “the stuff that really kills ya.” He was looking for something to ease the side effects that didn’t take him out of his mind, echoing the sentiment of many who have yet to learn how cannabinoids function and interact within our bodies. As we were able to lead him through a short lesson regarding his options (which includes working with his physicians to monitor the effects & different points of engagement!!!), a look of relief washed over his pale face.

While many a medical card holder attend our classes to figure out how to refine their home-growing practices, we’re rarely afforded the opportunity to connect with our learners on such an intimate level—this discovery required someone to disclose highly personal information on the first night of a summer session to a group of total strangers… But he did. And each of us in that moment benefitted from his openness & vulnerability in ways we couldn’t have imagined.

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