Like A Woman

What makes me feel like a woman:

~having learned from a young age that the actions of those close to you, though impactful, do not define you~

~having the opportunity to be the first of my family to receive a college education~

~having had a chapter full of beautiful, intelligent women believe you can change the world~

-having nontraditional views of relationships & marriage & a bold sense of sexual liberation

~having enough courage to embark on adventures with nothing more than ambiguity & passion~

~having the self-love to accept me in all my forms at all times~

~having people in my life who reflect the vibrations, good and bad, I share with them back unto me~

When I think about what makes me feel like a woman, I think about what I have. And never for a second do I forget that my freedom to have these experiences & traits is bound to the freedom of all women, and I am not free until we all are. Audre Lorde said it best, but you get the picture.

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